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              A proudly independent

              community bookstore

              513 Locust Street

              Burlington  Ontario  L7S 1V3

              (905) 639 0925  diffdrum@mac.com

              We're open ~

              Monday through Saturday

              10 to 5

              Sunday 1 to 4

              A Different Drummer Books

              A Different Drummer Books

              congratulates our cherished colleague

              A.K. Riley

              on the publication of

              SNOW SONG

              An enchanting celebration of a young person's experience of snow.  You'll want to read Snow Song again and again.  

              Read the glowing appreciation in Kirkus Reviews here.

              To obtain an autographed copy, contact us by phone or email, or order it by PayPal--

              Or stop by and get it in person from the author,

              our friend Kate, at A Different Drummer Books!

              We proudly offer


              To purchase

              MOSAIC OF MARKS,

              WORDS, MATERIAL

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